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It all started when...

#SodThis is a group of friends and volunteers who, dismayed and disillusioned at the government's lack of agency with regards to homelessness in the UK, decided to ACT.  

We organised an event in record time that brought together hundreds of people in London, and raised an incredible amount of money for charities working with rough sleepers and the homeless. 

But more than that, we inform people on how they themselves can help. We have all been that person that walks past someone asking for money and don't know what to do.  Does giving money help?  We brought experts to answer Q&As and give us those answers. 

We now want to support other people to create their own #SodThis events.


For photos and other links, go to www.facebook.com/sodthis4alaugh, or follow us on Twitter @sodthis4alaugh