#SodThis began because...

On New Year’s Eve 2016 a kind, popular man called Paddy died of natural causes, exacerbated by the cold.  It’s fair to say he gave up.  He was 52 years old.  He was homeless.

Every week after singing at St Martin in the Fields, theatre director Susannah Tresilian would spend some time with Paddy – who would be sitting outside Leicester Square tube station (Exit 1) come rain or shine.  He loved the fact that she sang in a choir and would brush away questions about how he was with ‘So did you sing well tonight, did you?’.

After a few weeks of not seeing him, Susannah contacted Streetlink to inform them that he was missing.  She subsequently discovered that he had passed away from his son, Patrick, who has ‘inherited’ Paddy’s patch, his tent, his dog.. his homelessness.

This is outrageous in our modern 21st century London.

So, joining together with friends Sara Pascoe, Ruth Bratt, Mary Carson, Francesca Perry and Vanessa Hammick, she decided to channel their anger into something positive and useful: a fun evening of gigs, gags and information about what we can all do to help!  Oh, and we raised some (quite a lot, actually, of) money along the way for Streetlink and The Connection at St Martin in the Fields



Read the article here: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/feb/27/homeless-friend-death-shocked-taking-action